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Editorial #11: Autism Diva, where are you?

The editors at Autism Politico have been circulating in the online autism world roughly since its inception.  But one thing it did miss is the word – if there was any word – about why Camille Clark quit posting to her Autism Diva blog. 

One thing Autism Diva was good for was going after quacks and abusers of autistics in a prissy-but-polite-Miss Manners kind of way. Autism Politico believes the autism community has suffered from her absence. 

Autism Diva’s last post to her blog was Wednesday, October 03, 2007. The topic was “Jerry Kartzinel and lying about the nature of autism.” There has been nothing posted to that blog since, nor has there been a statement posted that explains her absence from the blog. Though her blog only began in march of 2005, it was considered to be a staple of the internet community. 

Autism Politico knows Autism Diva’s real name because she herself has revealed it in many places. On Left Brain/Right Brain, where, as far as Autism Politico knows, she is still posting under her REAL (one assumes) name, she says: 

I had outed myself as Autism Diva as soon as I began the blog, I posted in two places with lots of readership that I had begun the blog. David Kirby announced who I was, where I lived and that I had the blog at a antivaxer mercury mom conference, which is on video tape on Erik unfair media Nanstiel’s website… oh you bet, I’m really sneaky. 

 A more careful net search reveals a brief bio: 

University of San Diego

Autism Institute

Summer Autism Conference

 Autism: Work With Me, Not On Me

Speaker Biographies 

Camille Clark

Camille Clark is the parent of two grown children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. Camille herself has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Her special interests lie in critical analysis of autism-related topics such as prevalence, treatment safety and efficacy, and autistic human rights. Camille holds a degree in psychology from University of California – Davis. She is widely known as the person who writes the Autism Diva blog, and she also contributes as Ms. Clark to several group blogs found on the Autism Hub

Well, Autism Politico is not going to delve into Autism Diva’s CV/Resume to deeply. Autism Diva deserves her privacy. Further, Autism Politico is not going to post rumors of why Autism Diva is missing, though many abound.

But if Autism Diva would care to offer Autism Politico an explanation as to her absence from the Autism Diva blog, Autism Politico would appreciate it.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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  1. Enjoy:

    See you in Court, if you’re up for it, babe.

    Comment by thenewrepublic | January 31, 2010

  2. O, I forgot:

    It’s a scream.

    Comment by thenewrepublic | January 31, 2010

  3. Autism Politico thanks you for your comments.

    Comment by Autism Politico | January 31, 2010

  4. I think I found Autism Diva:

    Comment by bettwice33 | February 4, 2010

  5. Autism Politico just wants to say that the editorial was written not to find out about her whereabouts, but to let her know, wherever she is, that we found her blog a pleasure to read and hope that she returns to it someday.

    Comment by Autism Politico | February 5, 2010

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