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Editorial #42: Boycott Toys “R” Us

Autism Politico would think that ANY corporation would have gotten the word already that Autism Speaks is an organization that ought NOT to be supported, but it looks like Toys “R” Us, either hasn’t gotten the word or doesn’t care what the word is. Toys “R” US is once again trying to raise funds for Autism Speaks.

Either way, Toys “R” Us can get the word through a boycott.  Even if they are the ONLY toy store in a town, certainly kids can do without toys until Toys “R” Us can be educated about what kind of an organization Autism Speaks is.

In THIS article, which was written during ANOTHER Toys “R” Us/Autism Speaks venture, it was mentioned:

Autism Speaks has likened having autism to being in a car wreck, being struck by lightning and being fatally ill. Autistic children are said to have been “kidnapped” from their families.


The most unsettling example I’ve seen of Autism Speaks’ dehumanization of autistic individuals is contained in their 2006 film “Autism Every Day,” which features, among other things, a mother claiming that she would have murdered her autistic daughter but for the existence of her other, neurotypical daughter.


The next time a Toys “R” Us cashier tries to guilt you into giving a few dollars to Autism Speaks, buy yourself an oversized Chupa Chups instead.

It seems Toys “R” Us has not gotten the message.

Nor did they read THIS article, in which it was stated:

Under pressure, Autism Speaks removed a controversial video from its Web site Thursday and privately apologized to a number of disability organizations. Despite this, critics are pressing forward with a public letter condemning the nation’s largest autism advocacy organization.

We can only assume that Toys “R” Us supports Autism Speaks, their methods, and their message. We can only assume that Toys “R” Us doesn’t like autistics, and believes, like Autism Speaks appears to, that they are people who need to be cured, and that it is okay for parents to have thoughts of murdering them. We can only assume that Toys “R” Us sympathizes with parents who have such thoughts, and that they support Autism Speaks for encouraging parents to have those thoughts.

Pennsylvania told Autism Speaks to stop talking when they attempted to ram through legislation through the back door against the wishes of autistics in that state.

Autism Speaks, a national organization that conducts fundraising for research, and their paid lobbyists from Ikon, Inc., made several back-door concessions on the bill without the consent of Speaker O’Brien. In an unparalleled move, the entire Pennsylvania and national autism community stood in unity to support Speaker O’Brien to say ‘Only the Speaker Speaks for me.’ Over 62 organizations across Pennsylvania and nationally converged to show support for the Speaker, who has a nephew with autism.

We know that Toys “R” Us failed to pay attention to the first boycott against them. This proves that they do not care about autistics. We can only assume that Toys “R” Us supports Autism Speaks and NOT the will of autistics. Autism Politico encourages you to remember this the next time you go shopping for toys at Toys “R” Us. If you DON’T care about autistics, shop Toys”R” Us. But if you DO care about autistics, BOYCOTT Toys “R” Us and encourage others to do the same.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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