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Editorial #43: Spain and Venezuela

Autism Politico reads that Spain wants an explanation from Venezuela.

Venezuela has been accused of helping Basque ETA rebels and Colombian FARC guerrillas plan possible terrorists attacks against Spain.

If you’re autistic, why should you care?

There are many reasons:

1) Like any citizen of Planet Earth, you should naturally take an interest in anything that happens on the planet. Neurotypicals tend only to pay attention to political events only when it directly affects them, but autistics, who are presumed to be in their own little worlds to begin with, fall into the realm of (justifiable) criticism when THEY do not pay attention to what is going on in the world at large.

2) If a country that you live in ever turns its gun sites on Venezuela, you may find yourself being drafted or going to war, and you would certainly want to know WHY you are being drafted or going to war, wouldn’t you?

3) To not know what Basque ETA rebels and Columbian FARC guerrillas are makes you look foolish in social situations.

Autism Politico believes that when society presumes a sector of itself to be ignorant that it is imperative that the accused disprove the presumption.

One question AutismPolitico has: Why is it that so many autism rights activists ask for respect but are not prepared to gain it for themselves by  even remotely attempting to satisfy minimum societal requirements?

Autism Politico believes that autistics will never gain the social status they seek until such time as they get out of their own little worlds and enter the REAL one.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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