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Editorial 47: Up in smoke.

Autism Politico is aware that a new study has come out stating that long-term cannabis use is linked to psychosis.   This is a good thing in Autism Politico’s opinion because in the past, there have been articles about parents turning to cannabis to quell autistic meltdowns in their autistic children.

It’s important for parents to understand that their attempts to dope their children into submission betrays not only their lack of love for their children, but their willingness to ignore sound medical science.

Autism Politico feels that parents who would dope their children in this fashion simply do not love their kids. Would any sane parent give their child cocaine to snort, model glue to sniff, or poison to ingest? But parents of special needs kids seem willing to try anything to change them into kids they can love.

Autism Politico also believes that people on the autism spectrum themselves ought to be chastised. Plenty of autistics use cannabis, and have campaigned for its legalization, although not as much for its medicinal purposes but for its recreational drug use.

And so Autism Politico’s conclusion would be that we cannot expect parents of autistics to quit doping their autistic kids until autistics give up the use of dope.  And autistic dope users are too selfish and to0 addicted to dope to give it up just yet.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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