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Editorial #54: Kudos to Autism Speaks

Autism Politico notes that Age of Autism has its underwear in a twist over Autism Speak’s lack of support for autism insurance bills in some states. It says on the Age of Autism blog:

Autism Speaks’ bill contains vague language that doesn’t compel insurance companies to cover any specific treatments, services or therapies. And would require any treatments to be approved by three separate state agencies. There is no time line for the agencies to act and no money to pay for staff. It is a recipe for inaction.  A staffer for the Senate sponsor of the bill said on Monday that it could perhaps assist a parent’s lawsuit against an insurance company.

This is precisely what is needed as far as legislation is concerned. There is no known treatment or cure for any autism spectrum disorder, and to require insurance companies to cover any treatment would be a sheer waste of money. Autism Speaks has suggested that approval for therapies be granted by at least three state agencies because states do not recognize any autism treatment or cure that is not approved by the FDA. To date, while a number of drugs treat symptoms of autism, the FDA does not believe there is any treatment or cure for autism itself, and quack therapies that Age of Autism loves to believe in, such as chelation, are not approved by the US government for treatment of autism.

That Age of Autism believes differently about autism treatments speaks to their limited knowledge and examination of medical science.

That there is a list of organizations supporting the legislation that Age of Autism wants passed is irrelevant.

In this particular instance, Autism Speaks cares about autistics enough not to want to torture them by subjecting  them to unproven quack therapies.

Autism Politico is no fan of Autism Speaks, but approves of their stance on this issue. Autistics, who have consistently proven too lazy to speak for themselves, -radical neurodiversity people excepted- ought to be thankful that Autism Speaks got it right this time.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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