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Editorial #55: Ruling for vaccines

Autism Politico notes that a US federal court has ruled against parents seeking restitution for supposed harm done to their autistic children by vaccines.

Autism Politico’s pleasure could not be greater because

1) Not only has science proven these people wrong, but now the courts have made it impossible for them to make money off of their spurious opinion-based, anecdotal “evidence.”

2) These people may have suffered a great monetary loss in their legal pursuits, which is a punishment in itself.

3) They have demonstrated to the world that by trying to hold vaccine manufactures responsible for their own familial genetic differences [autism genome research suggests that autism can be hereditary and IS genetic in origin], they are deniers of important science.

4) If they had been paying for and attending psychological therapy for rather than wasting time and money on a cause that has repeatedly been shown to be untrue, invalid, and unsubstantiated, they might have been able to foster better relations with their autistic children.

5) And THIS goes to show that they will take drastic steps to change what cannot be changed rather than apply their wealth and resources to change THEMSELVES and better their relationships with their autistic children.

Autism Politico thinks it is encouraging that with each attempt anti-vaxers make to challenge science or challenge government, they get a door slammed in their faces and are boxed in to an even tighter corner.

While it would be wonderful to see these people silenced altogether, the autistics at Autism Politico don’t believe in eugenics, as many anti-vaxers do, so we will just have to accept the fact that strange people will always be with us no matter how much we don’t like it.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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