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Editorial #62: Your Health Insurance.

Autism Politico wants you to know how you will be paying for health insurance going forward. Here are all the ways you will pay:

1) You will pay whatever the rates are, unless you qualify for a subsidy.

2) Because states must pay into the plan, you will be taxed higher by the state.

3) Because companies must pay into the plan, your company will either pay you less or charge customers more.

4a) Every company in the US that manufactures a product or provides a service will have to jack up the price of those products or services to pay for health care, thus everything you purchase will be more expensive.

4b) Unless foreign competitors come in and sell everything for less, in which case domestic workers will lose their jobs…but will still be required to buy healthcare and pay their taxes.

5) Rich people will be taxed higher to pay for care which the poor and about-to-become-poor cannot pay for. This means that wealthy people will have less to donate to charities such as the Easter Seals, the Autism Society of America, and hospitals and clinics, etc.

Thus your attempts to get quack treatments that healthcare insurance doesn’t cover will be difficult.

6) The IRS will hire many more people to ensure that people are paying their taxes and are providing proof of insurance on their tax forms. If they do not provide such proof, or do not pay their taxes…and any back-taxes owed for not filing their taxes in the past, their assets will be seized and auctioned off.

This means that if you owe the IRS money and have no money to pay for it, and if you are required to buy healthcare, but have no money to pay for it, while you are in jail, the IRS will auction off your assets at rock bottom prices to pay the government what it is owed and to pay for your healthcare.

Because the majority of the country voted the people into office that passed this health care bill, Autism Politico can only assume that this is what the people want.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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