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Editorial #69: Special Diets Don’t Work

Autism Politico understands that well-informed people know special diets do not improve symptoms of autism. But there are some parents and caregivers who do not love their autistic children and insist on force-feeding them diets which don’t work. Thus this editorial.

An article was published recently that reinforces the existent science which suggest that special diets are just another form of quack therapy.

The article says:

An expert panel says there’s no rigorous evidence that digestive problems are more common in children with autism compared to other children, or that special diets work, contrary to claims by celebrities and vaccine naysayers.

As Autism Politico has said, everyone knows what has been re-discovered about digestive problems in autistics and the uselessness of special diets. Why studies such as these are still funded is beyond us. But perhaps parents and caregivers who refuse to believe the studies drive the useless expenditure of money for even more studies. Or maybe they cannot face up to the fact that as science reinforces that autism is not treatable or curable, parents and caregivers who don’t love their autistics don’t want to be reminded of the facts.

Autism Politico believes that a good therapy for these types of parents and caregivers would be to find out what sorts of disgusting foods they cannot stand and force them to eat these types of foods non-stop for the rest of their lives. Maybe this mental illness these parents and caregivers have would be cured that way.

Or would doing such a thing be considered abusive?

Nah. It can’t be. It’s for their own good, and they’re too dumb to realize it.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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