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Editorial #71: Designer Babies

Autism Politco can sum up a recent article in a few succinct words:

If you have any genetic defects, you are a reject that needs to be weeded out of humanity.

While this concept is not new (Hitler used this dictum to his advantage, as have numerous cultures which have slaughtered other ones for their “racial inferiority”) Autism Politico notes that what has yet to be accomplished is a way to weed out the disgusting traits commonly exhibited by humanity: Drug and alcohol abuse, any criminal behaviors, immoral and unethical choices, etc.

How many times have we wanted to stub out a druggy’s joint on the tip of their nose?

How many times has anyone wished that a drunk at a party be thrown out into the street, the liquor he or she is drinking, dumped on his or her head for good measure?

How many times have we wanted  to rob the robber?

How many times have we wanted to revisit a person’s immoral and unethical decisions upon the person who has committed the deed?

Even if we someday create a world in which no person has any genetic flaws of any kind, the one incurable illness society will have left is the blackness of the human soul.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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