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Editorial #73: Speaking of Parenthood

Autism Politico notes that Autism Speaks, perhaps the world’s most offensive autism organization in the minds of many autistics, is going to  have one of its people appear on the equally offensive show Parenthood.

What a bummer.

In addition to having a silly portrayal of autism, a sillier portrayal of parents’ reaction to it, we now have an Autism Speaks “top official” show up and do who knows what.

Autism Politico would be pleased if the representative in question would say something like: “Your reaction to your son’s diagnosis was typically over-emotional. Your subsequent faith that a special school would solve your son’s problems was misplaced.  And your hope that we will advocate for your son in a manner which elevates his inherent humanity are absurd.”

But that is not going to happen.  

We can guess what will happen.

We can guess because, based on this statement 

The Asperger’s storyline on “Parenthood” reportedly hearkens from the personal experiences of Jason Katims, the show’s executive producer, who has a 13-year-old son with the diagnosis.

and the subsequent role given to an Autism Speaks “official”, the executive producer leans towards Autism Speaks view of autistics, which is that most are in need of treatment and a cure. This viewpoint flies in the face of most people who are on the autism spectrum.

Autism Politico urges everyone who reads this NOT to watch Parenthood, but knows no one will pay attention to what we say anyway.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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