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Editorial #76: In Good Taste

Autism Politico wonders if people know why some autistics are picky eaters.

The article linked to references a study that points out that many on the spectrum do have a limited menu.

Picky eaters were found in both the ASD and typically developing children although the children with ASD displayed more food refusal and exhibited a more limited food repertoire.

It is bewildering to read the following, however:

More research is needed to study eating patterns over time to confirm whether food selectivity lasts into adulthood and in the same way in ASD and typically developing children, and what impact prolonged food selectivity has on nutritional status.

Given that many autistics are hypersensitive and hyposensitive in some or all of the five senses, Autism Politico wonders why anyone would doubt that eating patterns DO last into adulthood. Autism Politico is sure that sometimes eating patterns displayed by autistics do change, but the very fact that some eating patterns do NOT change throughout many autistics’ lengthy lives indicates that nutritional needs are somehow being met, else how could autistics with limited menus live full lives, as many do?

Autism Politico asks parents and caregivers to ponder whether they themselves would eat food that smelled bad, tasted bad, and felt bad in the mouth, or sounded bad when you chewed it, or looked disgusting? If the answer to that question is “No” then ask yourselves why you are forcing autistics to eat food that smells bad, tastes bad, feels bad in the mouth, tastes bad when you chew it, and looks disgusting.

Learn to have some respect for the autistics you care for.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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