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Editorial #81: Frontline in Vaccine Wars

The editors at Autism Politico very much enjoyed PBS’s Frontline episode on vaccines.

Frontline, which is always objective in their reporting, did not disappoint this time around either.  They addressed the Andrew Wakefield issue, gave viewers a chance to listen to Jenny McBunny, and the leader of a charity she collaborates with, and then juxtaposed their points of view with hard science.

Of course after the episode aired, antivaxers loudly whined in their typically petty fashion that Frontline wasn’t fair, that they hadn’t looked at the “science” that said vaccines DO cause autism, that the whole thing was a smear campaign orchestrated by Paul Offit and Big Pharma, and yadda yadda yadda.

Autism Politico believes there is a simple solution to getting these antivaxers to be quiet, and this would be to restrain them. Autistics, having been on the receiving end of restraint many times, can think of lots of good ways to restrain antivaxers. Maybe the antivaxers should be injected with some kind of sedative or tranquilzer in addition to restraints…and if there is a little thimerosal in the shot…well, maybe they will come around to the autistic way of thinking. It isn’t all that bad. Autistics believe in science, not crap, like the antivaxers do.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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