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Editorial #99: North and South Korea

Autism Politico has learned that North Korea has threatened to blow up South Korea’s propaganda facilities.

Autism Politico finds this interesting. Judging from what the world knows about North Korea, it is an underdeveloped country which has faced famine and economic hardship for some time now. The country, we are told, is repressive, and the country’s leadership fill its citizens with their OWN propaganda.

By comparison, South Korea is a democratic society which is fairly wealthy, its wealth attributed mostly to its capitalism and free market economy.

These two countries are politically and ideologically opposed to one another, with North Korea still insisting South Korea is its on, and South Korea not desiring to link up with North Korea until the North becomes more moderate, capitalistic, and democratic.  

While it is perhaps true that one country ought not to be subjected to the rants and ravings of another, what is South Korea ranting and raving about that is so terrible? South Korea is prosperous, with the majority of its citizens living happily. North Korea is miserable and impoverished.

Shouldn’t North Korea try to learn something from South Korea? Shouldn’t North Korea admit its programs aren’t working and concede defeat? Shouldn’t it join up under the leadership of South Korea?

The same can be said for the autism community. As one side continues to improve the lives of autistics, the other side subjects autistics to quack medicine, refusing to believe the FACTS put forward by the autism community that bases its treatments in science-based medicine. The louder the legitimate faction of the autism community trumpets science, the more militant the quack medicine faction gets.

Autism Politico supposes that because the quack medicine faction is so poorly regarded by the autism community, and because the quack medicine faction has no victories under its belts, it can’t help but rant and rage like a spoiled child. But the quack medicine faction would do much better to concede defeat and join up with the legitimate side under the legitimate side’s leadership. It would be better for autistics all around.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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