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Editorial #108: AS vs. Bipolar

Autism Politico notes that many criminals are using the “Asperger’s Made me do it” defense to defend themselves in court against any manner of crime that they have committed.

Now, in a bit of irony, Autism Politico learns that we have a “Bipolar made me do it” defense being used in the murder of an autistic.

Defence Lawyer Deanne Gaffar says Noyes is mentally ill and cannot be held criminally responsible for her actions. But the Crown intends to argue Noyes knew what she was doing.

A statement of fact entered by the Crown Monday revealed Noyes told police she’d stopped taking her medication for bipolar disorder two weeks before the slaying.

Autism Politico is curious to know what bipolar people have to say about this.

Four questions:

1)  Is it true that when bipolar people are off their meds, they do not know right from wrong?

2) Is it true that when bipolar people are off their meds they cannot prevent themselves from doing wrong?

3) Do all people who are bipolar need meds to keep them from committing murder?

4) Should all people with bipolar disorder be locked away to prevent them from committing crimes?

Autism Politico is the first to admit that is believes most autistics DO know right from wrong, and if autistics commit crimes, it is because they made a conscious choice to do so.

Can the same be said about people with bipolar disorder? Because if the answer is yes for most people, than most people with bipolar disorder should be sentenced for their crimes just as autistics should be sentenced for the crimes they commit.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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