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Editorial 119: Scary AS child?

Autism Politico is aware that there is a daycare facility out there whose staff is so frightened of a six year old child with Asperger Syndrome that they threw him out.

DANIEL Sollars was just six years old when management at a childcare centre said he was frightening staff and had to go.

Autism Politico is amazed that a six year old child could wield such power over adults like that.  Does this child show up each morning in a “Darth Daniel” outfit and use the “force” on the staff members?

We don’t know the whole story because the school will not talk to the media about it. So we have to be fair. It could well be that there were some other circumstances which were not mentioned in the article that led to the kid getting the boot.

Still, how many times do we read about kids on the autism spectrum getting thrown out of school for their problem behaviors. Many times these kids are shown the door even though the staff at these schools supposedly have training in autism spectrum disorders.

But “training” can be anything from one or two classes or seminars to a specialization in autism spectrum disorders. One would think that those who specialize in ASDs would not be so inclined to give up so easily. So Autism Politico is inclined to doubt that too many people in today’s schools really know anything of significance about ASDs.

Getting back to the article, unless the child is doing something that is criminal, it hardly makes sense the staff would be frightened of him. More likely the child is just too much for them to deal with.

Speculation, of course, but people on the spectrum do seem to get excluded or thrown out from places and events quite often, usually because they are quirky.

If only autistics could throw out NTs as easily.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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