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Editorial #125: Sing This Refrain Please

Here at Autism Politico, we like to believe all of our readers are educated individuals. 

But we know anti-vaxers read this blog and so our belief that all of our readers are educated is just a pleasant fiction.

Here is yet another study in an ongoing string of them that indicates that autism is genetic in origin:

The article stresses something that Gillberg and his colleagues have long asserted, namely that autism is partly down to a number of completely different genetic abnormalities, each of which occurs in just a small number of autistic people, but which together account for an increasing proportion of all cases, and that autism is an umbrella term for a large number of different neurobiological conditions that have the same symptom picture.


Gillberg is also one of the initiative-takers behind AGP, a group of 120 scientists from 11 different countries who have joined forces to identify the genetic factors underlying autism. He and his colleagues in the group also published, in Nature in 2003, 2007 and 2009, the first studies to show that the mutated genes that affect the early development of synapses also cause autism in some cases.

Now as a sop to the anti-vaxers out there, Autism Politico is going to ask some very serious, albeit perfectly reasonable, non-paranoid, sensible questions about the validity of this study:

1) Did the scientists conducting the study disclose that they are in collusion with the aliens of Arcturus IV in the Zeta System fifteen quintillion miles across the universe?

2) Did the scientists further disclose that the Arcturus IV aliens own a 95% share in Dewey, Cheetem and Howe Pharmaceuticals?

3) Did the scientists also mention that the study findings reflected only data collected from vaccinated autistics, and that all un-vaccinated autistics were drawn, quartered, gutted, stomped on, danced upon, burned, shredded, and buried?

4) Did the scientists disclose that even though every government in the world paid them billions of dollars to furnish these results, that for some odd reason they don’t have enough brains to retire in style but just keep working for a living?

5) Did the scientists mention that, as difficult as it was to fabricate this study, which shows that autism is caused by genetics, for the benefit of a world, who, for the most part, doesn’t give a damn about autistics, that they found it odd that no reputable scientist has been able to produce a double blind, peer-reviewed study to indicate that anything OTHER than genetics causes autism?

Autism is genetic people. Sing it to the world! Sing it to the stars!

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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