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Editorial #130: Anti-Vaxers Lose Appeal

Autism Politico is happy that anti-vaxers have once again been told by a court of law that vaccines do not cause autism.

In the 2009 ruling Special Master Denise Vowell wrote that the evidence “is weak, contradictory and unpersuasive. Sadly, the petitioners in this litigation have been the victims of bad science conducted to support litigation rather than to advance medical and scientific understanding” of autism.

Vowell makes a good point. Rather than spend their money-making life better for the autistics they care for, anti-vaxers are frittering it away on lawsuits.

Knowing humanity and the intelligence of some within it, Autism Politico is sure that people will continue to blame vaccines and sue.

But here is the portion of the article Autism Politico finds the most reassuring:

The decisions help to offer reassurance to parents scared about vaccinating their babies because of a small but vocal anti-vaccine movement.

It’s very good that the media is finally identifying the anti-vaccine movement as “small but vocal.”

Small it is. Vocal it is too. But, more and more, the media is and the public is coming to see the axti-vax movement for what it is: Insignificant.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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