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Editorial #138: Good News for NTs!

Autism Politico has some good news for NTs: More so than usual, you can stop using your brains.

The good news:

People who think more about whether they are right have more cells in an area of the brain known as the frontal lobes.

The bad news:

However, thinking a lot about your own thoughts may not be all good.

Cognitive psychologist Dr Tracy Alloway from the University of Stirling, who was not involved in the latest study, said that some people have a tendency to brood too much and this leads to a risk of depression.

Autism Politico says: If you are NT, don’t even try to think too much. You will make your brains swell up and get depressed.

Autistics, however, have to keep on thinking.

For one thing, getting along in the NT world with their pointless habits, customs and arbitrary and idiotic social rules requires a lot of mental effort on the part of autistics.

For another, if autistics are really as stupid as NTs make them out to be, then we really ought to be using our brains more for that reason alone.

But just think, if NTs accepted autistics, autistics wouldn’t have to apply so much mental effort to make it in the world. Our brains might turn “normal” like NT brains. Although then we might become prejudiced, discriminatory, chatty, vain, egocentric, underintelligent goons.

Ugh. There is always a tradeoff.   

Not that anyone should assume that those adjectives describe NTs. Nooooooooooooooooooo. 

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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