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Editorial #149: Good News for Bullies

If you come from a decent home, you can get a lighter sentence if you are convicted of bullying.

This is how society works.

In one article, Autism Politico reads that:

The MEN yesterday revealed the scale of the attacks – which included pelting him with dog mess, forcing him to drink alcohol until he passed out and putting tape on his genital area before ripping it off.

In another article about the same bullies and the same victim, Autism Politico reads that:

Judge Jonathan Geake admitted the attacks were “grotesque” but said he took into account the trio’s age, remorse, guilty pleas and the fact they came from decent homes. “I conclude this was a departure from your normal not sensible selves,” he said.

Autism Politico wonders if the bullies went at their victim with the same sense of empathy, sympathy, and leniency. The sentence:

But a judge – following a Government initiative – decided not to jail them and gave out community service orders and curfews.

Autism Politico has no problem posting this here. It is what a judge has decided and what society wants. Otherwise people would be bombarding the court with letters, and would be expressing their frustration here on this blog with comments.

Look below and see how many comments there are. If you do not see any, or do not see many, you know that not too many people care about some poor autistic kid was bullied over weeks and weeks in the manner described above.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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  1. A friend of mine, lives on disability because of this kind of abuse. They caused it, now theywill have to pay for his way, for the rest of their lives.

    Comment by Tom Chun | August 13, 2012

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