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Editorial #150: The 411 And 911 On Bad Parenting

Autism Politico has read that a young child dialed 911 as many as 400 times, and a parent or caregiver could be heard in the background by 911 operators during some of the calls.

“Police have a message for parents — don’t let your child play with your cellphone.”

Autism Politico says: Duh!

“The child, named Alex, may have been learning a valuable skill for the future but tied up 911 service for hours.”

One wonders how many people were delayed getting emergency services because of this boy.

“At one point, an adult could be heard in the background asking if the child wanted pie.”

Well, the parents might not be paying attention to what the boy is doing, but at least they cannot be accused of starving him.

But this all goes to show just how neglectful some parents are. Parents, when you bring a child into this world, your responsibility toward it does not end at birth. Remember that and it will save you, and, in this case, many others, a lot of trouble.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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