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Editorial #156: Another Choice to Make

Autism Politico thinks the autism community is making bad choices.

People need to ask themselves some real and hard questions.

We’ll dispense with the vaccine problem in one simple paragraph, because we have more things to talk about. So: Do vaccines cause autism?  No, and neither do any of the ingredients. Read the studies. Even independent researchers paid by anti-vaccine activists cannot come up with any conclusive evidence that vaccines cause autism.

‘Nuff said.

The choices we’re talking about today have to do with how the leading autism organizations reacted to Dr. Nick Dubin.

Have you heard of this man?  You should have. The news broke on him on October 15th of this year. There will be a link to an article on him later in this blog post. For now, read on please.

When it was informed that this man could have endangered many children did the Autistic Self Advocacy Network immediately get the word out on him so that members could check to see if their parents were exposed to the man?


Did they issue a press release stating that autistic children are particularly vulnerable to exploitation due to their naivety?


Did Autism Women’s Network do either of these things even though they had board members who served with Durbin on AANE?


Did GRASP or AANE make any statements? Dubin served on both boards, after all.


Instead, it was bloggers who initially rose to the occasion:, Autism’s Gadfly, John Best, and Midnight In Chicago.

What a pathetically poor showing! Gadfly is pro-cure. Best is pro-cure. AspieWeb is trying to claim that it was the first to spread the news on Dubin when in fact it was Midnight In Chicago who first blogged about it after the news article came out. And only Midnight In Chicago issued a concise statement on Dubin. The statement more likely than not fell on deaf ears, however, because by the time the statement was issued, the silence from the rest of the autism community about Dubin was overwhelming.

But this is what happens when the autism community follows ASAN, AWN, and GRASP’s lead on things like these. 

And we won’t even include Autism Speaks in this editorial because most autistics don’t think Autism Speaks represent them at all.

Read this article and see if you would have wanted to be informed about this, and by whom. Then ask yourself why three of the biggest autism organizations known to the autism community (ASAN, AWN, and GRASP) remained silent on this issue.

By the way, in case you are wondering…

Why didn’t Autism Politico inform the autism community about Dubin?


1) Those “petty bloggers” had it covered, and

2) We wanted to demonstrate to you how little you can rely on ASAN, AWN, and GRASP for anything.

ASAN, AWN, and GRASP are failing you. Why don’t you all write them and find out why?

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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