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Editorial #157: New H1N1 Strain

Autism Politico writes these posts banking on the intelligence of its readers. So let’s find out how intelligent you all are. Did you know that there is a new H1N1 strain that causes the flu even in individuals who have been vaccinated against H1N1?

If not, why not? It was reported as early as October 22nd, and maybe even earlier.

The new variants in H1N1 were first detected in Singapore in early 2010 and have now spread throughout New Zealand and Australia, the researchers report.

The variant has yet to become significant, they said. But there have been some cases of people who were vaccinated and becoming infected, and also a few deaths.

H1N1 has ben killing quite a few people in India this year also, Surely you have heard about that?


Well isn’t that strange!

H1N1 has been responsible for more than 18,000 deaths worldwide, according to the WHO. Many of the deaths have been from pregnant women and young people. The WHO says, though, it will take more than a year after the pandemic ends to figure out the true death toll, which is likely to be significantly higher.

Probably people will become more informed is the anti-vaccine people urge folks not to get vaccinated, Funny how anti-vaxers never volunteer to pay for the funerals of dead unvaccinated people.

Something to remember for later as the death toll starts to rise again, Don’t say Autism Politico doesn’t inform its readers of anything,

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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