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Editorial #169: How Refreshing!

Autism Politico reminds its constituency that when voting for autism organizations/ventures during the Pepsi Refresh Project, one needs to take into consideration the reputations of those who are being voted for and/or take a close look at how the money will likely be spent, always keeping in mind the benefit of expenditure on autistics or the autistic community.

Here were our top three picks for the month of November:

1) Support the Speech and Fun Summer Camp for Children with Autism Riverside Medical Clinic Foundation

2) Dance & Art Therapy for Children with Autism and their Families Kardon Institute for Arts Therapy

3) Expand job opportunities for youth with autism at! at Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago

Here were the top three picks we would NOT have recommended:

1) Provide REAL HELP NOW for families affected by autism. Talk About Curing Autism (TACA)

2) Host workshops across the US assisting females on the autism spectrum. Sharon daVanport in behalf of the Autism Women’s Network

3) Create cartoons with autistic, asperger, & disabled kids as characters Sheryl Appel Gury

These are our opinions. We are not going to explain why we have them, as we believe that our reasoning is best explained in the first paragraph of this blog entry. Everyone else is naturally entitled to their own opinions.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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