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Editorial #171: As the Holidays Approach

Autism Politico would like to remind people that the Holiday Season is about giving, and it can also be about forgiving and forgetting. The problem is, when you have a disability or disorder, it is not so easy to forgive those who discriminate against people with disabilities and disorders.

Forgiving and forgetting can be good for the soul, but in the case of discrimination, forgiving and forgetting allows those who discriminate to continue discriminating with a free conscience.

Then of course there are the autism organizations who, through their work, deeds, and misdeeds, have made life worse for autistics, and have fogged the minds of people needing to understand autism in the first place.

A New Year’s goal would be to take pains to remember who said/did what to whom and to not patronize, promote, or affiliate with any organization or individual which/who have somehow hurt autistics. By doing this, you take a stand, but by the same token, you do not hurt anyone, except by keeping them from knowing people like you who care.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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