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Editorial #201: Popular Kids More Likely to Bully

Autism Politico recently read an article that states that popular kids are more likely to bully. Since this is common knowledge, and old news, we ought not to waste time doing an entry about the study, but since many NTs seems to have this “disease” that forces them to bully unpopular kids in order to keep and maintain their popularity, we thought posting some of the finds might cause popular NTs who bully to seek help for themselves, or at least try to get out of this perpetual state of fantasy that being popular is a good thing.

Those at the 98th percentile of popularity were 40 per cent more aggressive than the kids in the top 2 per cent. They were also about 28 per cent more aggressive than the kids at the very bottom of the social pecking order.

Those of us who have been bullied could have told everyone this, but because bullied people are unpopular, people seldom listen to them.

85 per cent of the time, an act of bullying is witnessed by other children.

And 75 per cent of the time those watching are encouraging the bully, Prof. Pepler adds.

That’s pretty interesting, and what parents should remember is that if their kids are getting bullied, it may be a GOOD thing, because it means that their kid is not part of the 85% of children who witness bullying and the 75% of kids that egg the bully on.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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