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Editorial #204: “Let’s All Be Friends!-Not!”

In Editorial #190, Autism Politico told you how Brian R. King and Laura Lum Corby had created a Facebook group to unify the Aspie community.

This was what it says on the FB Group’s Page:
This group is being created in the hope of unifying the autism community at large.

The autism community, unfortunately, is very fragmented and splintered. Though there are many different viewpoints, what is obvious to me is that we agree on much more than we disagree on. It becomes a very heated debate at times, but the community needs to recognize as a whole that there is power in numbers and a cohesive community can accomplish millions of times more than what a fractured community can. Energy needs to be focused on those things that are agreed upon, so all these groups can work synergistically towards positive change

Well here is what Laura Lum Corby posted elsewhere just a few days ago:

Laura Corby replied 10 days ago //
“This is Zoey’s most recent post targeting my Autism Community Unification Group, simply because she disagrees with some of my views. I’m sorry, but that is absolutely NO reason to target people, bully them, and call in her cronies to flag and report a group that has done nothing wrong and has been 100% dedicated to unifying both sides in this debate. We have made it clear we welcome ALL viewpoints and expect all to respect the views of others, agreeing to disagree as adults. Instead, because we don’t 100% agree with her views, she sent the message below asking her peers to target, flag and have our profiles and groups deleted.

“Sorry, but the only bully here is Zoey Roberts and her clan.

“Not only is this unacceptable, it’s liable and is causing damages when business pages are shut down. There’s a law suit brewing here.”

Autism Politico wonders why Corby isn’t trying to work harder to bring Zoey into the fold. Isn’t that what her Autism Community Unification Group is all about???

Maybe Corby and King aren’t serious about unifying the autism community. Or maybe they only want to unify the people and groups that they want to unify, leaving the rest to wander aimlessly out there in cyber-space.

Or maybe they are beginning to realize that unifying the autism community is a lost cause.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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