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Editorial 211: It’s Garbage!

Autism Politico is aware of a newspaper article that  talks about how a couple is accused of caging and endangering their autistic sons.

James Yates said authorities accused the couple of keeping their youngest son, 17, caged inside the home — which he said was actually three soccer nets stitched together and a gate to close off a portion of their living room.

Of course, Autism Politico cannot comment one way or the other on this. We were not there to see what transpired. However, this bit here is interesting:

James Yates said there was garbage piled up inside the home because a dumpster outside was buried in snow and he was forced to keep the trash inside the house.

Be that as it may, if there is snow outside, why not take the garbage out there and leave it in the snow anyway? What’s the worst that will happen to it?  It cannot spoil anymore because of the cold temperatures. Animals might get into it, sure. But better that happens than people inside the house get infected with bacteria from decaying and rotting garbage.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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