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Editorial #218: New Hope for Autistics???

Autism Politico has discovered a new study says the following:

Recently, it was discovered that autistic children whose parents accept them just the way they are have higher self-esteem and increased motivation to love, honor and respect their parents.

“On the other hand” says Joe Scientist “If you try to lock them in enclosed chambers and blast them with air, or jam coffee up their butts, or feed them horrible tasting food which claims not to have gluten in it but actually has more gluten in it than foods that admit to having gluten in them, or hit them when they do something wrong, or subject them to electroshock therapy, autistics have a tendency to act out even more than ever, although we haven’t been able to draw any conclusions about why that may be seeing as we have less intelligence than most autistics as tested by the Ravens Progressive Matrices Test, but we suspect it’s just because they are little more than dumb animals with crap for brains.”

Actually, no such study exists. But if it did, would you believe it?

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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