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Editorial #227: Gluten-Free Diets Fail. Now Go Quack Somewhere Else.

Autism Politico is aware that yet another study claims gluten-free and casein-free diets fail as a treatment or cure for autism. We’re dismayed that some stubborn parents will ignore this study because it will mean that these people will further waste their money on terrible tasting food that annoys autistics.

A popular belief that specific dietary changes can improve the symptoms of children with autism was not supported by a tightly controlled University of Rochester study, which found that eliminating gluten and casein from the diets of children with autism had no impact on their behavior, sleep or bowel patterns.

The study is the most controlled diet research in autism to date.

Some of these parents should be going to therapy to try to find out why it is they refuse to believe scientific and medical studies except those which are discredited by all reputable scientific authorities.

Unlike previous studies, they also controlled for other interventions, such as what type of behavioral treatments children received, to ensure all observed changes were due to dietary alterations.

These controls were necessary so that it could be shown once and for all, that when autistics are subjected ONLY to gluten-free casein-free diets, that the diets did nothing for the autistics. Ergo no need to waste money on gluten-free/casein free foods.

Following the gluten and casein snacks, study participants had no change in attention, activity, sleep or frequency or quality of bowel habits. Children demonstrated a small increase in social language and interest in interaction after the challenges with gluten or casein on the Ritvo Freeman Real Life Rating Scale; however, it did not reach statistical significance. That means because of the small difference and the small number of participants in the study, the finding may be due to chance alone.

Now can we please move on and quit with the stubborn insistence that this therapy works? Instead, why don’t we focus on the fact that some parents of autistic children simply cannot accept their autistics the way they are and want to change them and make them more manageable and compliant, like well-trained dogs?

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