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Editorial #238: Planking – The Newest Social Stupidity

Autism Politico has learned that another stupid social craze is hitting the world. It’s called planking, and at least one person has died from it.

“Planking involves someone lying flat on their stomach with their arms against their bodies in unusual and sometimes dangerous situations, with photographs of their exploits shared through social media sites.”

Whoopie! It seems that as far as being social goes, the dumber the act you engage in, the more popular you are considered to be. If you are on the autism spectrum and get picked on because you are socially inept, aren’t you glad you are autistic so you don’t have to do such silly things to be accepted by your friends?

“This morning we have seen a young man take this activity a step further and attempt to plank on a balcony. Unfortunately he has tragically fallen to his death,” Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett said.

Hmm.  People are also “planking” in other dangerous locations, but Autism Politico won’t list them here because we don’t want to give people ideas.

“Police issued warnings of the dangers … but the publicity only seemed to fuel the fad.”

How very social of the public to disregard such warnings. If  being cool and popular supersedes what the police say, it seems that this is the way people want to go.

“Last week, a 20-year-old, also in Queensland state, was arrested after being allegedly found “planking” on a police car. He was charged with being on police equipment without lawful excuse.”

Serves him right if he broke the law.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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