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Editorial #266 North Korea Run By Internet Aspies???

Autism Politico wonders if North Korea isn’t run by internet Aspies. The reason it’s easy to make the comparison between the country and the clique is because it seems that, like North Korea, whenever certain internet Aspies don’t get what they want, they throw a tantrum and threaten to make everyone else’s lives miserable.

For instance, rather than getting jobs and earning money, Aspies whine that their disability checks aren’t big enough, or the allowances they are getting from their parents are too small for them. So they beg for money from their fellow Aspies and get sullen when no one gives it to them.

Or they complain that they aren’t getting a good education (school or university), as if we are supposed to believe that they are singled out. In other words if you look at all the other students who have mental disorders, what percentage of them are complaining about not getting an education? Oh, yeah, maybe they work harder in school than some Aspies do.

Then you have to ask how it is that most of the rest of the world behaves one way and succeeds, and it is apparently impossible for whiner and complainer Aspies to at least TRY to emulate these successes.

But trying to fit in with the rest of the world is apparently too much effort for certain Aspies. Apparently, the world is supposed to change to fit their requirements.

This is kind of like what North Korea is doing. Right now, they are saying “Don’t go about your daily business, United States, because it’s provocative, and if you continue to be successful, United States, we will have to take preemptive action with a nuclear strike.

Could anything look more silly and foolish?

So Autism Politico has no choice but to conclude that since the behavior of North Korean warmongers and certain internet Aspies are very similar, they must be one and the same.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.





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