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Editorial #269: Faked Perfection

Autism Politico is aware that there is a photo making its way around neurodiversity social media. Its caption appears to make an excuse for autistic non-conformists who are too lazy to try to do what everyone else in society does. Observe:

Some autistics are using this as an excuse to refuse to fit in with people. If everyone thought this way, we'd be a bunch of social recluses.

Some autistics are using this as an excuse to refuse to fit in with people. If everyone thought this way, we’d be a bunch of social recluses.

Autism Politico doesn’t know and doesn’t care whether or not its readership is religious. One doesn’t need to be religious to understand that men and women, boys and girls, are imperfect. We all have flaws and defects, either mentally or physically, or both.

Despite the fact that nobody is perfect, most people aspire to be better than they are and come to being as near-perfect as they can. Not that we would want a society of insufferable snooty people, but Autism Politico believes it is admirable to improve oneself as life goes by.

But it would appear that some autistics and some autism warriors feel that it’s better to send around photos with captions that make excuses for their not doing anything to improve themselves.

“I was born to make mistakes, not fake perfection.”

Faking perfection is what most people do. They do it at school. They do it at work. They do it in social situations. The reason they do it is because even though they know they make mistakes, they know that other people do not think highly of people who willfully choose to remain ignorant all of their lives. So people try to look as though they are overcoming their ignorance.

Not so with some autism warriors evidently. They would rather throw their ignorance in people’s faces and dare those people to call them stupid. 

This happens to be why most neurodiversity groups go ignored, or why they get laughed at privately behind closed doors at some recognized autism organizations. After all, who can respect perfectly capable people who choose to act helpless?

Ironically, this faking helplessness on the part of some autistics and some autism warriors is what is causing people to flock to organizations like Autism Speaks. People get tired of the antics of certain online activists, and want them out of the picture.

Autism Politico is happy all this is taking place, because it means that soon, with the more annoying autism warriors out of the way, people can go back to focusing on providing assistance to autistics who really need help. 

In the meantime, Autism Politico suggests that certain online autism warriors quit spending their days typing up a storm in their social media forums and get jobs as typists. We suggest they quit trying to run online forums where they pick on the people who know better than they do, and instead run social media sites for companies that might pay them a living wage. Autism Politico staffers are tired of our tax dollars going to support autism warriors who can do everything employed people can do but who refuse to get off their butts and get a job, in other words.

Also, it’s not just regular people who should tell some of these autism warriors to quit embarrassing autistics. Governments all over the world would should teach the worst of the autism warriors a lesson too. Specifically, governments should quit providing funding for them. How rude it is for willfully ignorant people to receive benefits and then complain that their benefits aren’t enough, even as they harangue other people for trying to help them step out of their black holes. Maybe there should be a “Farmville” for certain autism warriors. There, they could play all they want, and see if they like it there better than on the government dole.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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