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Editorial #271: Some Autistics Are Racist

The writers here at Autism Politico generally reach some consensus before a post is put up, but in the case, we’ll allow one of our editorialists to make a post on their own given that the circumstances demand it…  BTW: This editorial is just that, an EDITORIAL.

Today I posted in an online Aspie group that “George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY. Justice has been carried out, thank God!”

Immediately, I was branded a racist by someone claiming to be an Aspie neurodiversity activist. I was told by this person that people were happy he was not “black” and did not live in my neighborhood. No doubt if I saw him, I would take out a gun and shoot him the second I saw him. Before five minutes had passed, I had a mob of people from three of the leading autism advocacy groups trying to reeducate me about race issues and prejudice.

WOULD I shoot a “black” person on sight?

No. I wouldn’t.

Know why?

Because I’m “black.” That’s why. Although I prefer the term African American, thank you very much, but maybe folks who call me “black” are too ignorant to know what the common lingo is these days.

Let me tell you all something about neurodiversity…

I’m “black.” So all you ignorant neurodiversity activists who assume I’m not need to reeducate yourselves. Also, I’m autistic, so it’s not like I don’t know what it’s like to be saddled with a psychiatric disorder.

Yes, people, we po’ “black” folks can be autistic too, and we be sma’at in addition to that.

You radical neurodiversity activists stepped in a pile of it this time.

I think justice has been served in the Zimmerman case. When the 911 tape shows Zimmerman is following police instructions as he went about his neighborhood watch duties that day, and when witnesses report a “black” man beating a “white” man into the ground, and when the forensics prove this out, and when the jury agrees with all of these facts, I am inclined to believe that justice was carried out when Zimmerman is found not guilty of the charges laid against him.

As for Trayvon Martin, yes, it’s a tragedy that he was killed, but maybe he should not have been walking across people’s lawns and in the street where people normally walk. Then he might not have fallen under the gaze of Zimmerman.

You know, when this first happened, some ignorant “blacks” were up in arms about this white guy who killed this “black boy.” Then it was revealed that Zimmerman was Hispanic, and so some ignorant “black” folks were up in arms over this Jew who killed this black boy. Then it was revealed that Zimmerman was Catholic, and so some ignorant “black” folks shut their mouths and let justice be carried out in the courts. But it looks like some Autistics are incapable of doing the same.

So I ask you, is this “black boy” racist? Or are the Aspies accusing this “black boy” of being racist, racist?

I can tell you right now that if the circumstances were identical, but the “races” were reversed, I’d STILL support the verdict. Why, because we’re all PEOPLE for God’s sake. Race had nothing to do with it. The facts don’t lie.

Replies to this editorial are welcome…provided they’re not racist.


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