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Editorial #280: Six Things REAL Autistics Want You To Know

Autism Politico is tired of seeing self-diagnosed autism rights advocates posting memes and articles about how innocent autistics are.  “If you just cater to our every whim, we’ll be compliant,” they seem to say. “And if we act out, it’s the result of something YOU did, or the result of something SOMEONE ELSE did” they sometimes add.

Here is an article written by someone who seems to thinks they understand autistics. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they asked autistics for their input, so we will give ours.

In reality, REAL autistics admit the following:

  1. Autistics who seem lazy, spoiled, and weird because of video games are usually lazy, spoiled, and weird because of video games. Take our games away from us and we will do what you want us to do. We don’t need video games to “escape” or to calm down. We are perfectly able to manage without escape behaviors, thank you, and you insult us when you imply otherwise.
  2. You just need to be stricter. You tend to baby us because we push back so hard, but if you make our lives miserable when we do not comply with your orders, we are more inclined to do what you say. Don’t be afraid about us having a “meltdown.” And learn the difference between a “tantrum and a “meltdown”. A tantrum is where we rage because we feel like it. A meltdown is when our emotions are out of control and we cannot control them. Most of what you believe are meltdowns are tantrums.  Us trying to manipulate you, in other words.
  3. We do outgrow our bad behaviors, but only if you push us.
  4. While we don’t necessarily need corporal punishment, we know that because it is frowned upon in this day and age, we can push the envelope very far before you blow your top, so hitting us might not be such a bad thing if it teaches us that there is a limit to what you will tolerate. (This in no way means that Autism Politico believes in violence or advocates it.)
  5. You make too many excuses for your autistic kids. Your autistic kids know how to push your buttons. Ever notice how they control their behaviors when they want something? They can control their behaviors when they don’t want anything. They just aren’t motivated to do so, which is why they try your patience, and you wind up making excuses for them.
  6. You just want something to be wrong with your child, so you can have attention.  This is true. Otherwise you would be more inclined to discipline your autistic kids when they deliberately manipulate you.

Autism Politico just wanted to set the record straight on 6 of the 15 points brought up in the article we cited. Stop short-changing us, parents. Listen to people when they criticize your parenting skills. Half of the time they are right.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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