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Editorial #281: One Petition REAL Autistics DON’T Want You To Sign

Autism Politico is aware that there is a petition circulating on the net which calls for anti-bullying laws to be implemented so that teachers can no longer bully students.

Autism Politico admits that there are instances where teachers do indeed bully students, including students on the autism spectrum.

However, the staff here at Autism Politico have circulated in the autism world for decades, and time after time, what we have heard regarding the alleged “bullying” of autistic students by teachers is:

1) Some autistics admitting to deliberately taunting their teachers for the express purpose of sending their teachers over the edge, after which they can run home to their parents and claim that they are being “bullied”. The reason some of these autistics do this, they say, is to avoid going to school, which is boring.

2) Some autistics admitting that while they may have NO sensitivities to light, sound, smells, being touched or touching other things, tastes, etc., they will play up fake sensitivities and falsely accuse teachers of deliberately disrespecting/refusing to accommodate their handicaps and disabilities. Some of these autistics admit to doing this to deliberately control the classroom situation -mostly just for fun- and to bully the teacher.

3) Some autistics admitting to deliberately researching school policies with regard to violence in the classroom and then pushing the envelope to entrap their teachers and fellow students in possible legal litigation. In other words, if they know that teachers will resort to restraint if a student is a danger to the teacher, another student, or a danger to himself/herself, the autistic student will create a situation that results in restraint, after which the autistic student manipulates the parents into believing the teacher used excessive use of force.

4) Some autistics admitting to deliberately pitting one student against another, or a teacher against a student in order to passive aggressively manipulate a situation. This has been done on field trips which autistic students are not interested in participating in.

5)  Some self-diagnosed autistics admitting they researched autism spectrum disorders in advance of their “diagnosis” so that they could be diagnosed autistic and receiving IEPs to make their school career easier for them to manage.

Since Autism Politico has no way of knowing whether or not the people saying these things were self-diagnosed/faking autism or diagnosed, it may be that REAL autistics are not this manipulative. BUT, since is it now known that fully 50% of all autism diagnoses given by school psychologists and pediatricians are being dropped by autism specialists due to lack of Copy Number Variants associated with ASDs, it is a good bet that 50% of the people who admit to manipulating the classroom setting to their benefit do not have autism, or alternatively maybe 100% of the wrongly diagnosed autistics/self-diagnosed autistics are the manipulators as opposed to 100% of the autistics.

At any rate, given the degree to which manipulation takes place, Autism Politico believes that laws ought to be put into place to protect teachers from retribution for properly disciplining autistic students. Let us remember that in the days when autism was seldom diagnosed, and most people on the spectrum did not fall onto the radar, these autistic children were mainstreamed and subject to the same discipline as any other student, the result being that most of them did just fine and went on to integrate into society.

Continuing along those lines, Autism Politico believes there is no need to baby autistics in this day and age by giving them special dispensation for their misbehaviors and occasional abusiveness. To sign a petition of this kind is insulting to REAL autistics who, as a rule, have no problem following the same policies as any other child in school, and, when they break those rules, understand that they deserve whatever consequences that they are given.

As a rule, Autism Politico ignores calls by the so-called autistic self advocacy organizations for anti-bullying laws as they pertain to students since these are where many of the self-admitted manipulators claim to organize themselves. Autism Politico therefore calls on autistic self advocacy organizations to boot out these manipulators and support teachers who properly discipline autistic children.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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