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Editorial# 297: Their Meme… Our Meme… III

Yes, other parents can straighten out your autistic kid.  Take it from the autistics who write these entries.

The reason you have such a hard time trying to get your autistic kids to do anything is because they are training you to be subservient to them, and you fell for it.

Meanwhile, other parents -who have regular kids- have kept their sense of dignity and self-worth.  As a result, they don’t stand for the crap your autistic kids sling at you.

Haven’t you noticed that your autistic kids are on the best behavior around other adults?  It’s because they respect those adults and they do not respect you.  And so if you want to be treated with respect, you should treat your autistic kids the way people who don’t have autistic kids treat your autistic kids.

Still confused?  Then check out the memes.  Their meme:

Their meme face
Our meme:

Their meme face 2

Autism Politico says: Grow a pair!  Stop letting your autistic kids run your household!

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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