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Editorial #333: Cut Medicaid Funding to Autistics NOW!

Autism Politico understands that most parents and caregivers of people on the spectrum, and most autistics are ignorant of the fact that some schools and some general practitioners intentionally misdiagnose autism.

As so many books and articles have shown, schools do it to obtain funding for children with lesser disabilities when no government funding is available for classroom materials and educational assistants to help those children.  And doctors will misdiagnose at the behest of parents to obtain services for their children, or so that schools accommodate their children, or simply because they are not qualified to diagnose autism spectrum disorder in children.

“Some parents and doctors faking autism diagnosis to get help for kids”

“New Book Uncovers Psychiatry’s Dirty Little Secrets”

We also know from books and articles that some adults diagnosis shop, flitting between psychologists and psychiatrists to find a preferred diagnosis of autism, rather than a less savory one they cannot accept.

Medicaid assessments and re-assessments can weed out false diagnoses.  When people with false diagnoses are caught, they can be booted out of the system, and the saved money can be used either for people with legitimate diagnoses who REALLY need services, or else funding for Medicaid can be cut, and taxpayer money can be used elsewhere… or taxes can actually be lowered.

“Peter Szatmari, another child psychiatrist who was part of the DSM IV effort, also believes Asperger’s has been stretched too far. “I remove the diagnosis about 50 percent of the time,” he says.

As autistics, the best thing we can do in the eyes of the general populace is to admit, like Peter Szatmari does, that 50% of people with Asperger Syndrome are probably misdiagnosed, and we can also admit that many with autism are also probably misdiagnosed.

And given that there is no cure for autism, and that there are very few therapies that actually work, we autistics can save taxpayers lots of money by simply making the effort to change our thinking and behavior so that we can better fit in with the world.  Many autistics have done so, but our Medicaid system -as well as other government benefits- tend to have the effect of making us lazy.  It’s fun to get “free money” and “free stuff” after all.

We also must acknowledge that transitioning from a life where people have waited on us hand and foot to a life where we do for ourselves is a scary proposition.

Fortunately, Medicaid cuts will force many “autistics” who ought not to be getting benefits to grow up and behave like decent human beings.  Autism Politico thinks this is a good thing.

Replies to this editorial are welcome.


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